Be the great manager you thought you were.

Welcome to the Third Ear Conflict Resolution School

Did you recently discover that you say and do things your employees don't like? Are you not getting the results you want?

Maybe you said something offensive in a staff meeting, or your employee turnover seems dangerously high. You are not alone, and a lot of this might be due to the way we've been taught to manage others. We've often been told to control them, or we've been given little to no guidance at all.

Regardless, we're not going to get better at this simply by going to a single training class, even if we repeat it annually. Most instructional design experts agree that experience is the best way to learn. They estimate that experience contributes 70% to the learning process. Coaching adds 20%, and instruction provides a mere 10%

There's a Forgetting Curve that causes us to lose new information unless it's applied and reinforced within three months.

Yet most training is still instruction-based. Employers seek to "check the box" so they can claim compliance and defend lawsuits. Employees complete the training so they can keep their jobs. Both are often task-oriented, rather than results-focused. They are responding to demands, not creating workplace cultures where needs are met. They are reactive instead of proactive. Then, they wonder why the problems haven't gone away.

Of course, no one can anticipate every disruption. But disruptions are fewer and less damaging when people have simple themes to guide them through challenges.

Few training programs:
  1. Review the laws, rules, and regulations;
  2. Apply them to actual cases; and
  3. Give participants a psychologically safe space for coaching

But the courses in this school do. You'll get information you need, as well as invitations to practice. I will open the Comments, Discussion Board, and email communication to participants who want more guidance. One-to-one coaching is also available for an additional fee.

Nance L. Schick, Esq.

I created this online school for managers and small business owners who are struggling to be the leaders they want to be. The #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements might have you concerned about managing diverse workforces. Maybe you're unsure whether you have properly classified your workers or addressed other business conflicts. I'm converting my in-person courses for online participation and will keep adding courses monthly. Let me know what you want to see next!

Self-Auditing Worker Classifications

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Loving Someone Who Believes a Liar*

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Loving a Racist*

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Five Actions to Heal Racism

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Managing LGBTQ Employees in New York

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Making the Most of Task Orientation v. Results Focus

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Preventing Hostile Work Environments

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in 2020

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Having Persuasive Conversations About Money

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DIY Conflict Resolution

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Keeping Employees Safe from COVID-19

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Discovering Your Values

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New Client Orientation

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[T]hank you for making this informative and interesting. As a funeral director and educator with a past life in the corporate world, I expected to go through a grueling two hours of torturous boredom, but you presented in a way that kept me [] engaged and interested…it is vitally important. Thank you so much for your candor and informative approach to this training.
C.B., Faculty Member, NY