Are You in Compliance Yet?

You have fewer than two months to train all of your New York employees, regardless of the size of your workforce. Last year, New York State mandated training for all employees in the state by 10/09/2019.

What else is new?

Among other things:

  • Your training must include an interactive component
  • You must have two posters up—in English and Spanish
  • You can be held accountable for sexual harassment of your employees by independent contractors (and vice versa)
  • Conduct does not have to be severe and pervasive to create a hostile work environment

How Can I Help?

Your employees can take my online training, which meets the interactive component by allowing them to ask questions in the portal or during my live monthly webinars. For larger employers or professional organizations, we can also do the training live. (I have applied for continuing education credit for the funeral industry and legal profession, but the application is still pending.

Do You Need More?

After more than seven years coaching clients in group settings, I am now offering conflict resolution coaching to individuals. Clients have found this especially useful while embroiled in litigation or investigations. I won’t provide legal counsel in these situations, but I can support you and your legal team in identifying your ideal outcome, opportunities for resolution, and steps you can take to get your life back on track once the matter has ended. Request coaching by completing this online form.