DIY Conflict Resolution by Nancy Schick
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DIY Conflict Resolution

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What is the Third Ear Conflict Resolution Process
7 mins
The Seven Choices
Choice 1 - Forgive Yourself
6 mins
Choice 2 - Acknowledge Yourself
5 mins
Choice 3 - Forgive the World
8 mins
Choice 4 - Free the Emotions
12 mins
Choice 5 - Clear Your Mind
5 mins
Choice 6 - Assume You Know Nothing
4 mins
Choice 7 - Listen with Your Third Ear
11 mins
The Five Actions
Action One - Define the Conflict
4 mins
Action Two - Identify the Interests
4 mins
Action Three - Play with the Possibilities
3 mins
Action Four - Create the Future
4 mins
Action Five - Stay on PARR
4 mins
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