Employee Benefits Basics by Nancy Schick

Employee Benefits Basics

The pandemic brought even more questions about employee benefits

The first few months of the coronavirus pandemic were filled with calls, emails, and text messages from small business clients whose employees had almost never used their full range of benefits. But with many offices and storefronts closed, furloughs were often necessary and left employees scraping together what they could from the benefits available. Employers knew they provided a lot of benefits, but they forgot what many of them were or didn't know enough about them to properly guide their employees. They scrambled to re-educate themselves, while also learning the new safety and pandemic assistant guidelines that seemed to change daily.

Although the drastically reduced number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths is encouraging, employers must prepare now for a potential resurgence. Ensuring you know which employee benefits you are required to provide and to who continues to be essential.  

By the end of this course you will:
  1. Be aware of laws related to mandatory paid time off, disability leave, and unemployment benefits
  2. Understand the risks and consequences of common errors
  3. Have resources you can easily consult when employees need to use their benefits
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