Having Persuasive Conversations About Money by Nancy Schick

Having Persuasive Conversations About Money

Looking for work longer than expected?

There's a lot more tied to your income than the bills you pay from it. For most people, income is tied to identity.

Quinn has always been fearless. He never had a problem asking for a raise, sale, or anything else he wanted. This helped him have a successful 30-year sales career. 

He is charming and flirtatious. He says what he thinks--even about controversial topics. A recent layoff has him searching for work in what seems like a foreign land. He is becoming resigned and resentful, which isn't helping his job search.

Feel like you're drowning in your success?

When most people think about improving their financial positions, they focus on generating more income. Yet reducing expenses can often have an impact similar to a raise or promotion. 

Bob has always been at the top of the class. His parents made a good living and gave him a secure foundation. He graduated from college with high marks and landed a job with a salary above most of his classmates’ income. Most people around him think he has it made. They have no idea how deep he is in debt.

Persuasion is an Invitation Not a Mandate

I'm inviting you to take this course so you can:

  • Overcome negative self-talk and persuade yourself that you can be trusted with money
  • Prepare to communicate with confidence in job or client interviews and close the deal
  • Talk candidly about your money situations with the people who need the truth

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