Preventing Sexual Harassment in 2020 by Nancy Schick

Preventing Sexual Harassment in 2020

Why I created this course

Going through the motions of bare-minimum sexual harassment prevention training hasn't helped many people. That's one of the reasons New York City and New York State made annual training mandatory and requires an interactive component.

A standard course might allow you to claim compliance and meet the annual deadline, but more is required for lasting results.

  • Has the #MeToo movement made you afraid to talk to people of other genders or gender identities at work?
  • Are some of these people employees you supervise or would otherwise mentor, if you weren't scared of saying the wrong thing?
  • Are you afraid to speak up when you witness sexual harassment because you don't want to be a snitch?

Most sexual harassment prevention training is about complying with the law, telling employees how to file claims, and teaching employers how to investigate those claims. That is not enough.

Sexual harassment has negative impacts on employee well-being, performance, and retention.  It also affects employer health, customer perception, and long-term outlook. Deeper discussions are needed to create environments that prevent sexual harassment and respond effectively when it does occur.

Feedback from clients who took other courses suggest they still felt underprepared to have the difficult discussions that need to occur. That's why they don't have them and use the "ignore it and maybe it will go away" method of conflict resolution. That almost never works.

Co-workers still don't know how to speak up when they witness inappropriate behavior. Managers still overlook poor performance in fear of being accused of sexual harassment or discrimination.

No one wins when this is how we play the game.

I know this first-hand. I am an attorney, mediator, and conflict resolution coach with personal experience in a sexual harassment lawsuit. I'm also a survivor of sexual abuse, assault, and rape. I've worked in the Human Resources department of a Fortune 500 corporation, and I've helped resolve sexual harassment claims as a lawyer and mediator. I've also trained thousands of HR, funeral, higher education, and legal professionals on sexual harassment prevention.

After this course, you will:
  • Better understand where lines are drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behavior
  • Know how to respond more effectively to inappropriate behavior
  • Have more confidence when discussing difficult topics like gender

What's included?

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Why is Sexual Harassment Such a Hot Topic
7 mins
Course Objectives
(Article) The promise and peril of sexual harassment programs
Recognize Sexual Harassment
Recognize Sexual Harassment: Quiz
Section One Goals
Three Types of Sexual Harassment
1 min
Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
6 mins
Pasulka Complaint
130 KB
Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
12 mins
Romines Complaint
55.7 KB
4 mins
(Article) What it really takes to stop sexual harassment
Respond Appropriately to Sexual Harassment
Respond Appropriately to Sexual Harassment: Quiz
Section Two Goals
Prevention Policies and Training
8 mins
If You're Being Sexually Harassed
6 mins
If a Co-Worker or Loved One is Being Harassed
7 mins
If You're Faculty and a Student Is Being Sexually Harassed
If You're Accused of Sexual Harassment
8 mins
External Rights of Redress
1 min
McDonald’s accused over 'systemic sexual harassment' of employees worldwide
Modify Inappropriate Behavior
Modify Inappropriate Behavior: Quiz
Section Three Goals
Management Responsibilities
11 mins
Mandatory Investigation
Fair and Impartial Investigation
Disciplinary Action
An Illinois Man Was Arrested For Grabbing A Reporter And Harassing Her While She Was Live On-Air
Next Steps
Follow Up with Your Employer
Share Your Feedback
Take Another Course
Request a Consultation