Resolving Conflicts in Families and at Work by Nancy Schick

Resolving Conflicts in Families and at Work

Are you listening with your third ear?

We’re all dealing with something right now, whether it’s the coronavirus, racial injustice, protests, reduced income, unemployment, etc. And that is making a lot of us behave in less than ideal ways. I find myself struggling to hold back tears, sometimes multiple times per day. At other times, I am using words and tones that I only use when I am EXTREMELY ANGRY.

I didn’t know when I created the Third Ear Conflict Resolution process that I would be using it so often with my own conflicts or that it would become a book for other do-it-yourselfers. But that’s exactly what happened after I was violently assaulted in 2014, and I’m happy to have—and share—this tool right now.

In this replay of my 07/23/2020 Live Webinar, I used the Seven Choices and Five Actions of a conflict resolution master (or at least a master-in-training) to help:
  • A relationship coach gain insight into the his relationship with his sibling--and his business!
  • A small business owner stop hiring employees who frustrate him with poor performance

The next live webinar is on 08/27/2020 at 3 PM Eastern. You will have an opportunity to work through a conflict and create a new future. So, feel free to BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakdown).
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